Terra Amazonia Concept

terra amazonia, l'Amazonie en plein Paris
Terra Amazonia's heart beats with the rhythm of the Amazon, and Brazil.   Here you will find a wide choice of objects, from Indian articles to handcraft from all of Brazil:  natural jewelry, home decoration, recycled wood, in order to immerse yourself in Brazilian culture.

Our articles are chosen not only for their uniqueness and beauty, but also for their environmental preservation, sustainability, and social support of communities.   Wood from the forest floor is sculpted into fruit bowls, games, inlaid wood boxes....seeds and leaves transform into jewelry, cosmetics and perfumes...clay into sculptures of little women and scales metamorphose as jewelry and beautiful flowers...all preserving Brazilian culture and traditions as well as providing income for its artists, craftsmen and communities.
Terra Amazonia chooses its products by respecting the ethical and ecological principles of fair trade.   We work with several foundations, cooperatives, associations and NGOs in the Amazon and Brazil.    Your participation helps contribute to the rich tradition of handicraft as well as providing income for many of its peoples.

 Terra Amazonia is the idea of a couple - her, American, and him, French, - who lived for 5 years in Manaus, the capital of the state of Amazonas where the Rio Negro and the Rio Solimões meet to become the Amazon river.     After their initial surprise to find themselves in the middle of the Amazon it didn't take long for them to fall in love with this amazing region, its culture, and its people.    Along the way they adopted a little boy of 6 years old from an orphanage, adding another nationality and culture to their "tribe".     With the end of their transfer approaching they began talking to their friends about their experiences and their attachment to this region.   There is a saying in Manaus that once you have drunk the water in the Rio Negro the Amazonian spirit lives in your veins...