Sea Flowers

Beauty through Responsibility...
Flowers and Jewelry made with Fish Scales
Under the direction of designer Cleide Cunha, the women in the association IMAI (Women of Igarassu) spend their days making beautiful handmade, eco-friendly flowers and roses.  The women work from their home which allows them to look after their family and to earn a living.  They learn how to assemble the deilicate fish scales turning them into astonishing works of art.  Each scale is glued one by one, by hand, a task that is both delicate and detailed.  There are between 50 and 70 fish scales used to make one rose.

The fish scales are first treated with a bacterial solution that washes and disinfects the scales, without any use of chemical products.  Then they are sorted into size.  Each of the products used in the creation of the flowers and jewelry is natural:  treatments, dyes, glue (no solvent) making this astoninshing product 100% natural and sustainable.

 Your choice contributes to the economic and social development of the women as well as conserving the environment, preserving tradition, and sustainability.